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  HS Automatic Slitter


       AUTO SLITTER Model Hs-320




  • For it may be in the desired speed control(approx. 0-70m/min.), slitting may be performed while inspecting the product.
  • It automatically stops at the counter setting point for it is an automatic stopping device at a setting point. Once the slow time setting is set, the prevention of damages and accuracy may be achieved.
  • By having the automatic stopping device(proximity sensor) attached on the paper feeding side, it automatically stops if there is no paper.
  • Paper-winding status may be controlled by adjusting the volume.
  • For it is processed and formed with high precision, it may prevent the tilting when slitting.
  • Easy to replace the core-holder following the inner diameter of paper core.
  • Rewinding is possible when the shift-gear at winder side is used to backlashing.
  • Easy to inspect and repair for its parts are simple to assemble and disassemble.



    • Standard size : 25mmØ/75mmØ
    • Dimension : L320×W350×H330
    • Power Required : AC 22V/ 200W.
    • 50/60Hz, 1Phase.

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