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  Digital Color Label Printer(kor)

Print Short-Run Color Labels On-Demand!

원하는 인쇄라벨을 바로 인쇄할수 있는 프리메라 디지털 라벨인쇄기.

• No long lead times

• No minimum order requirements

• No obsolete label inventory

• No plate and die charges

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Professional-Quality Results
There’s no need to settle for low-resolution color labels on your products. The LX810’s incredible 4800 dpi printing delivers results that far exceed virtually any other on-demand print method available today.

Six built-in print resolutions let you select the combination of print quality and speed that fits your application best. No matter which you choose, your labels are bright, colorful and professional. Creating labels takes just minutes on your Windows® XP/2000 PC or Mac® OS X V10.2 or higher. You can mix any combination of text, graphics, photos, illustrations and even bar codes. Easy to use NiceLabel™ SE Design Software is included for your basic label design needs. You can also use most other graphic software programs, such as Photoshop® and Illustrator®, giving you maximum flexibility and creativity in your designs.

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Many Applications
The LX810 produces gorgeous, professional-quality labels for all your short-run, specialty products. It is also perfect for a host of other uses such as proofing before going to press on longer runs. Test marketing. Contract manufacturing. Private label goods. Promotional labels. Full-color box-end labels with all the required bar codes. And much more.

A Wide Variety of Substrates – Including Water-Resistant Labels!
The LX810 prints onto many different label and tag materials, including inkjet coated high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte labels. Labels printed on high-gloss material are highly scratch- and smudge-resistant and virtually waterproof. This is a perfect solution for primary or box labels that can be exposed to water, rain and snow.

Labels can be as narrow as 0.75 inches and as wide as 8.25 inches. Maximum label length is 24 inches. More than 1000 custom labels sizes are available upon request.

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Get Up and Running Quickly
From initial set-up to full operation, the LX810 is easy to use. Plus, everything you need to start printing labels is included in the box. Each LX810 ships with NiceLabel™ SE design software, sample roll of high-gloss labels, color and black ink cartridges and USB cable. You’ll be printing full-color labels within minutes of taking the printer out of its shipping box.

인쇄 방식


인쇄 해상도

4800 x 1200dpi, 2400 x 1200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi

인쇄 속도

최대 51mm(2) / 초당 => 흑백 인쇄

최대 38mm(1.5) / 초당 => 칼라 인쇄

잉크 카트리지

칼라 (CMY), Dye-먹색(Kd), Pigment-먹색(Kp)

칼 라

16.7 백만 (무수)

칼라 매칭

Z-칼라 매칭 소프트웨어

최소 인쇄폭

19mm (0.75)

최대 인쇄폭

210mm (8.25)

최소 인쇄길이

19mm (0.75)

최대 인쇄길이

609mm (24)

미디어 타입

롤 센스 라벨, 롤 태그 (Roll-fed pressure-sensitive labels, roll fed tags)

미디어 센스

센스에 의해 도무송(다이컷)한 부분을 감지하여 다음 라벨을 인쇄한다.

공금 원단롤

지관 76mm에 최대 원단 직경: 152mm(6)까지 가능하다.

잉크 레벨 경고

그래픽 인쇄사용의 따라 얼마나 남아 있는지 숫자로 계산하여 경고를 알림.

인디케이터 라이트

전원(Power), 일시정지(Pause), 잉크(Ink)


일시정지(Pause), 피딩(Feed), 내리기(Unload).

작동 시스템

윈도우 XP/2000 또는 메켄토시 OS X V10.2 or Higher

데이터 인터페이스

USB 2.0; External Control Port (외부 콘트롤 포트)

기본 요구사양

PC: 팬티엄 5 이상, 512MB RAM, 5GB 하드 드라이브 공간,

USB 2.0 필수,

메킨토시: 700 Mhz G4 또는 이상 512MB RAM 기본, 5GB 하드 드라이브

공간, USB 2.0 필수,

라벨 디자인


나이스 라벨 SE 프리메라 편집 포함.

다른 라벨 디자인 소프트웨어 프로그램도 사용 가능.

전 기

12VDC, 5.0A

전 원

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 60 watts


UL, UL-C, CE Mark, FCC Class B

무 게

29 lbs. (13.2kg)


L432mm x W394mm x 231mm

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