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  Flow Chart for Injection Moulding m/c & other

Consultation and Contract
We develop a variety of products that can actively respond to the
demands of clients with the aim to satisfy the various needs of
clients. We prioritize the profits of clients and select products
that can maximize the productivity.
Development and Design
We enhance the quality and value of products with our extraordi-
nary technology and brand based on our endless research effort
made by the expert research staff at our affiliated research
institute. We have custom-designed machinery in line with the
various products of our clients.
Raw and Secondary Material
We make the best products based on strictly selected products,
thorough quality control and state-of-the-art facility. By doing so,
we maintain the on-time suply system and we are actively
responding to the requested delivery days of clients.
In order to ensure a processing of parts in line with product
standards, we have sophisticated automatized machinery such
as the machining center, CNC machine, etc. By using them, we
can micro-process and we realize 0% defective product rate by
automatizing 80% of the entire process. In addition, we have a
mass production system through 24 hour a day unmanned
Experienced skilful employees carry out the micro-assembly
process to ensure the stability in product quality and at the same
time, to maintain the high precision degree. We have divided the
process in various units such as toggling, clamping, injection,
electrical parts & controlling, cover & accessories, painting
among others. In addition, we have skilful employees with plenty
of experience in all those units. Through this process, we are
concentrating on the production of injection molding machinery.
It is composed of the best examinors with plenty of field
experience as well as technology. Before releasing the final
machinery, we carry out a final test-driving as well as final
product examination to examine in areas such as product
exterior, assembled parts standards, verification on options,
operating test, precision among others. By doing so, we are committed to releasing the products that can satisfy clients.
We have equipments to ensure a safe releasing of products such
as forklift truck and crane. We are doing our best to ensure the
delivery in their best shape by observing packaging and
displaying standards.
Trial run, Inspeotion
This line is composed of skillod engineer with enough practical
experience. In which the assembled machines are tested/
inspected finally ie surface inspection, specification of parts
inspection, function test, precise callbrating and so on... and it
being made customer's satisfaction.
Post management
We have a distinguished after-sale service team of experienced technicians who can be called up even at night to actively resolve the complaints of customers and also have branches for after-sale service in Seoul, Inchon, Suwon, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, and Kwangju to support customers in near distance for minimizing the loss of stopping operation so that customer satisfaction is maximized.

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